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What is LEAP Summit?

LEAP is a global movement which influences more than 100.000 people world-wide. It consists of LEAP Summit global conference, LEAPin conferences, LEAP Community and LEAP Program for Future Leaders and Future Entrepreneurs.

LEAP Summit is a 3 day conference, which gathers more than 2,000 changemakers from more than 30 countries who are leaders in their respective communities. The main focus of the conference is on themes connected to innovation, IT and modern technologies, entrepreneurship, career development and life-changing stories. LEAP Summit brings people from all over the world at one place to learn together in order to solve most pressing challenges of our time.

What people say about LEAP Summit?

“One of the best organised conferences I have spoken at!”

Andrew Grill, IBM, speaker at LEAP 2016 

“Such a well put-together event. Amazing energy!”

Seema Aggarwal, Disney, speaker at LEAP 2016

“We need more conferences like LEAP Summit, so we can change the world”

Russell Dalgleish, Exolta capital partners, speaker at LEAP 2016 & 2017

“In this age of rapid technological advancement, the LEAP Summit has become an institution in Croatia & (Eastern) Europe to ensure that all walks of life will benefit, and nobody is left behind”

Erik Meijer, Group Innovation of Deutsche Telekom, speaker at LEAP 2016 & 2017

“LEAP brought me so many opportunities that I couldn’t imagine while I was applying for it. I have learned many new things, speakers were top class and I have met a lot of cool international people who are doing great stuff. I also got a job in big multinational company. Non-formal program was also great, and parties especially. Thank you LEAP Summit for everything!”

Ana, participant at LEAP 2016

“For me as a young entrepreneurs, LEAP Summit was amazing experience! I got so many constructive feedback, so many new connections and so many new ideas for my business. Zagreb is amazing during spring, I feel in love with this city!”

Peter, participant at LEAP 2016

“In short – life-changing experience!”

Alexandra, participant at LEAP 2017

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