11May, 2017
1Check in and Networking Program12:00 - 16:00
2LEAP Summit Opening Ceremony16:00 - 17:00Blue Stage
3Best time to be a Millennial or Generation Z!Tacis P. Gavoyannis17:00Blue Stage
4Running Through SuccessLada Tedeschi Fiorio17:30Blue Stage
5From Message To KnowledgeDrasko Ivanisevic18:00Blue Stage
6Some Opportunities of Digitisation, what can Europe do?Luuk Borg18:30Blue Stage
7The Battle of Titans Startup Competition16:00 - 19:00Yellow Stage
8Keynote Speech - The Battle of Titans16:00Yellow Stage
9Break the Ice Networking19:00LEAP Networking Zone
12May, 2017
1LEAP Day 2 Intro09:45 - 10:00Blue Stage
2FlixBus: disrupting Europe’s long distance bus market with techMax Zeumer10:00 - 10:30Blue Stage
3Business Meditation - An introspection of entrepreneurs mindGoran Radic10:00 - 10:30Yellow Stage
4The 7 Qualities Of Tomorrow´s Top LeadersAndreas von der Heydt10:30 - 11:00Blue Stage
5The 7 Qualities Of Tomorrow´s Top LeadersAndreas von der Heydt11:00 - 11:30Blue Stage
6Thoughts on InnovationJens Lapinski10:30 - 11:00Yellow Stage
7Creative Collaboration Jam Session10:00 - 11:00Red Stage
8Plant the idea and grow the successMatija Zulj11:00 - 11:30Yellow Stage
9Pliva WorkshopDheeraj Nagpal11:00-12:00Red Stage
10Coffee Break11:30 - 12:00Blue Stage
11Coffee Break11:30 - 12:00Yellow Stage
12EU For Youth10:00 - 13:00EU Stage
13Think Like An Explorer - Going Where No One Has Gone BeforeCathy O’Dowd12:00 - 13:00Blue Stage
14Attracting and retaining top talentAco Momcilovic12:00 - 12:30Yellow Stage
15Practical NetworkingBoaz Inbal12:30 - 13:00Yellow Stage
16Innovation Without System by Ciraz12:00 - 13:00Red Stage
17Break13:00 - 14:00Blue Stage
18Break13:00 - 14:00Yellow Stage
19Break13:00 - 14:00Red Stage
20How Artificial is your Intelligence?Erik Meijer14:00 - 14:30Blue Stage
21Imagine Cup Startup Competition by Microsoft14:00 - 16:30Yellow Stage
22From nothing to startup in 60 minutesAmit Zilberstein14:00 - 15:30Red Stage
23Growth, For EveryoneIvana Grbavac14:30 - 15:00Blue Stage
24Future of digital learningClaudius Mitter15:00 - 15:30Blue Stage
25People Power and the Death of the ExpertLars Silberbauer Andersen15:30 - 16:00Blue Stage
26Recruitment Session - Panel Discussion15:30 - 16:30Red Stage
27Speed dating - Companies & Participants & Speakers17:00LEAP Networking area
28Business Cafe by Kristina Ercegovic17:00LEAP Lounge Area
29Open Mic Session19:00LEAP Lounge Area
13May, 2017
1LEAP Day 3 Intro9:45 - 10:00Blue Stage
2Building Bridges To CustomersGerard Tannam10:00 - 10:30Blue Stage
3Impacting the world with profit and purposeBruce Walker10:00 - 10:30Yellow Stage
4Workshops - Impact Hub & Styria09:30 - 12:00Red Stage
5LIFEline of circular economyJelena Caculovic10:00-10:30Green Stage
6Rewriting the Rules of Management for the Digital WorldVladimir Vulic10:30 - 11:00Blue Stage
7From Zero to Hero - The Road of Entrepreneurs by Sasa Cvetojevic, Luka Abrus, Kresimir Koncic & Goran Deak10:30 - 11:30Yellow Stage
8How smart is your home?Matej Peretin10:30-11:00Green Stage
9TBA11:00 - 11:30Blue Stage
10Make your own meal plan!Sandi Imerovic11:00- 11:30Green Stage
11Coffee Break11:30 - 12:00Blue Stage
12Coffee Break11:30 - 12:00Yellow Stage
13Coffee Break11:30-12:00Green Stage
14ONLY FOR THE FEARLESS (it’s going to be about changing the world)Javier Bajer12:00 - 13:00Blue Stage
15Clustering CreativityStella Antolovic12:00 - 12:30Yellow Stage
16Metro Workshop12:00 - 13:00Red Stage
1712:00-12:30Green Stage
18What we can learn from a can of spinach and making alternative factsMarvin Ngcongo12:30 - 13:00Yellow Stage
19Three pieces of the puzzleMirko Logozar12:30-13:00Green Stage
20Break13:00 - 14:00Blue Stage
21Break13:00 - 14:00Yellow Stage
22Break13:00 - 14:00Green Stage
23Break13:00 - 14:00Red Stage
24Stand & Deliver Keynote + Startup AwardsPeter Hopwood14:00 - 15:00Blue Stage
25Women in Entrepreneurship - Panel Session14:00 - 15:00Yellow Stage
26How to build your personal brand on social media? - WorkshopMorena Milevoj14:00 - 15:30Red Stage
27How to create a hot brand without buring loads of cash?Goran Vrabec14:00 - 14:30Green Stage
28Innovations in food industry: Are we getting greener?Karlo Vulin14:30 - 15:00Green Stage
29Millennial Champions and the “Lost Generation.” What makes them so different?Milenko Pilic15:00 - 15:30Blue Stage
30Enhancing social entrepreneurship through youth empowermentLaurat Raca15:00 - 15:30Yellow Stage
31My story about success? NO. My story about happiness and passion!Orlando Lopac15:00-15:30Green Stage
32Soul-Centered Leadership: Unlock your greatest leader through fearless confidence, purposeful direction, and unshakeable resilienceR. Michael Anderson15:30 - 16:00Blue Stage
33Lessons from Silicon Valley on building a successful international businessRussell Dalgleish15:30 - 16:00Yello Stage
34HeySuccess Workshop15:30- 16:30Red Stage
35Frane Sesnic15:30 - 16:00Green Stage
36LEAP International Pary - Gallery Club22:00Gallery Club